LiveAbility delivers a unique suite of products designed to improve quality of life and wellness for people of all ages. Our goals define our efforts:

  • Empower providers in their quest to reshape the future of health care delivery with an eye toward simultaneously increasing quality outcomes and efficiency.
  • Empower patients by improving quality of life, optimizing functional independence, enhancing wellness, and alleviating the burdens associated with navigation of a complex healthcare delivery system.

Recognizing the diverse needs of consumers and providers, LiveAbility focuses on the fundamental commonality: helping people return to optimal functioning and independence through a structured approach to care delivery. Acting on internal design or as a collaborator, our Innovation Architects create and productize ideas, concepts and programs making them actionable, affordable and applicable in a variety of settings.

Ultimately, the LiveAbility methods are both comprehensive and tailored, as we engage in an ongoing process of reshaping the future of healthcare one program at a time.


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  • We invite opportunities for collaboration with other companies and individuals who may need assistance with the design/development of a concept, idea or other innovative solution. Contact us today to discuss your path to innovation.