LiveAbility develops programs designed to address today's needs while helping providers prepare for a changing future. Our programs serve as a stabilizing force for organizations by offering structured approaches to the often messy business of disruptive innovation. With the needs of healthcare providers and consumers in mind, we maintain our focus on the issues of primary importance: positive outcomes, operational efficiency, enhancement of marketshare, cost saving, consumer empowerment and patient-centered care.

Our Innovation Architects spend countless hours researching and investigating the most pressing problems facing the healthcare industry. Then, through a process of learning and networking, we identify the issues that are within our reach to solve. The results speak for themselves - we have created two programs that are generating exceptional results for healthcare providers across the country, with several additional programs in varying stages of development.

We invite you to learn more about LiveAbility and our innovative programs. We have several programs for the home care community, as well as outpatient and living facilities. Our two premier programs are HomeSight and StopCold. Click on the links below to learn more or contact us today to discuss other opportunities.


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  • We invite opportunities for collaboration with other companies and individuals who may need assistance with the design/development of a concept, idea or other innovative solution. Contact us today to discuss your path to innovation.