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About LiveAbility

At LiveAbility, we define ourselves as Innovation Architects. Like the original "Master Builder" model in the post-modern age, LiveAbility serves as a central figure in the creation, development and launch of innovative programs to help providers adapt to the changing healthcare landscape.

As Innovation Architects, we collaborate with stakeholders to design and build programs that address even the unspoken needs of those we serve. Noticing this underlying need is often a matter of changing one's perspective, thereby looking at problem-solving opportunities in a totally unexpected way.

Offering the philosophical and architectural framework, LiveAbility continuously develops new products and programs with the goal of improving quality of life and wellness for people of all ages. Through original concept development and/or collaboration, innovative concepts become a tangible reality. By delivering comprehensive and tailored solutions, our programs provide a structured method to help people return to optimal functioning, independence and wellness.

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  • We invite opportunities for collaboration with other companies and individuals who may need assistance with the design/development of a concept, idea or other innovative solution. Contact us today to discuss your path to innovation.